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How to use Snipping tool on iPad? 3 Amazing Benefits!

Did you even know that there was a snipping tool on iPad? And that it comes with multiple hidden uses? This and many such questions like How to use the Snipping tool on iPad, What are the 3 Main benefits of using the snipping tool on your iPad, etc. will be answered in detail in the upcoming article.

Most of you must already know what is the snipping tool and its major function. In contrast, there are certain readers that are new to the concept of the snipping tool on the iPad. Taking this into consideration, we will first answer the question- what is a snipping tool on iPad?

What is a snipping tool on an iPad?

how to snip on ipad
how to snip on ipad

The snipping tool on your iPad is a feature to take quick snaps or screenshots of a certain area on your screen. It can be used to quickly edit the taken screenshot and save it for future uses. Moreover, you can easily share the snippet within a couple of seconds with your friends and family members.

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Is there a Snipping tool on the iPad?

Yes, there is a snipping tool on your iPad. Although it cannot be addressed completely as a snipping tool, since few people prefer to call it a screenshot.

The only difference between a screenshot and a snippet is that you get the liberty to edit as well as crop the image as per your choice with the snipping tool. Visit for more.

Note that this so-called snipping tool is not available as an application on your device. Rather, it is a feature that is easily accessible on your iPad. You may be wondering How to use the Snipping tool on iPad?

So, without further ado, let us quickly jump into the detailed stepwise guide on the proper method to use Snipping on your iPad.

How to use the Snipping tool on iPad?

how to snip on ipad

The snipping tool on your iPad is a part of the gesture offered on the iPad. Therefore, it needs to be enabled from the setting. (if not already enabled.) The steps to enable the same are already mentioned in a very detailed format in one of my articles.
This question itself consists of multiple components, such as the way to use the snipping tool, edit, share, etc. Hence, almost all the components will be described in brief in the upcoming section.

5 Seconds

  1. Unlock your iPad.

    Your device should be unlocked in order to access the snipping tool on your iPad.

  2. Swipe from the left bottom corner of your screen to the Center.

    Swipe until a snippet appears. It would probably look like a depreciation in the overall screen size. Additionally, the screen options to edit or share the taken snippet will also appear on the screen.

  3. Tap on Done

    You can select to save the taken snippet or simply delete it.

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What are the Uses of Snipping Tool on iPad?

The uses of the snipping tool are infinite and hence cannot be all mentioned in a single article. Therefore, we will be getting a brief overview of the snippet taken, and the features available on the screen. It will be assisted with the pictures so as to get a better understanding.

So let us go step-by-step, to keep the process, less confusing, and more elaborate.

This is what a snippet looks like-

How to use Snipping tool on iPad
iPad partial screenshot

As you can see in the bio match, there are certain numbers to a particular feature on the screen. We will be giving a brief usage of the same in the following section.

1- Done button.

In order to save the image as it is, you can click on the save to photos or save to files option. Otherwise, you can simply click on the Save to quick note button, so that the snippet gets automatically inserted in the quick note.

Snipping tool on iPad

Similarly, you can copy the image and then delete it by clicking the Copy and Delete button. Nevertheless, if you do not intend to save the screenshot then tap the Delete Screenshot option.

2- Transparency Adjuster.

This setting helps in adjusting the overall opacity of the screen. By default, it is set to zero i.e no opacity at all. This feature can be used to hide a specific area or the entire screen.

3- Text Scanner.

This feature helps in selecting the text that is displayed on your screen. You can refer to the following image for better clarity.

Text Scanner

4- Snippet Adjuster

This feature gives you the liberty to crop the image as per your choice. This feature is the answer to the question of how to crop a screenshot on iPad. Below is a detailed explanation to crop an ss on iPad.

After taking a snippet by following the above-mentioned steps, simply tap and hold the Snippet adjuster. It is annotated as number 4 in the above image. iPad partial screenshots can be taken by following these steps.

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5- Notation tool

The notation tool helps in editing the taken image with the pencils and the other tools available in the notation box.

6- Delete button

As the name suggests it can be used to delete the taken screenshot.

7- Share button

By tapping this button, you can easily share the taken image onto multiple social media applications available on your device. Moreover, you can save the taken snippet in the files, or print it out directly.

8- Notation box

it is a box consisting of multiple tools available to edit the taken screenshot.

Now, as we have seen the major uses of the snipping tool on iPad. Let us see the three major benefits of the same.

3 Benefits of Snipping tool on iPad-

1. Take a Screenshot of a Specific Area or Whole Page

Benefits of Snipping tool on iPad
Benefits of Snipping tool on iPad

You can either take a screenshot of a specified area or simply switch to the full-page option. After selecting the full page option, you just need to scroll down in order to get the specified amount of the page into your snippet.

2. Freedom to Edit the Screenshot

As seen in the above paragraphs, we can quickly edit the taken screenshot as per our choice. Since there are loads of features and tools, available to edit, the process of editing becomes much smoother. You can refer to the above images for further clarity.

3. Share or Print with the Snipping tool

The iOS offers complete liberty to share or print the taken image free of cost. You just need to follow simple steps in order to share or even print the taken image. Printing of the taken snippet can be a cakewalk if you have an external printer already joined to your iPad.

So this was the end of a detailed article- How to use Snipping tool on iPad? 3 Uses & Benefits! I hope you enjoyed it and the article was helpful to you in every possible way. If so, kindly read our other similar articles too…

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