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How to add Bullet Points in Notability iPad? 5 Easy Steps!

Bullet Points in Notability iPad can be added in one particular way, and that we are going to discuss in detail in the upcoming article. But before that, let us quickly see other related questions such as why are bullet points in Notability that important? Similarly, can we add other types of points in the Notability on iPad?

Before diving into the core of the article, let us quickly see the importance of adding bullet points in Notability iPad application.

Why are bullet points on Notability important?

In certain situations where we need to organize our thoughts into Notes, or simply jot down specific points in the Notability, then the bullet points can be of great help. Moreover, the overall appearance of the article or notes gets enhanced due to bullet points in Notability iPad.

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Similarly, when we need to create a checklist that involves multiple points, then the bullet points on Notability would be a better choice. Additionally, Each and every point would be mentioned in a better fashion with the help of the bullet points in Notability iPad.

How to add Bullet Points in Notability iPad?

It is not rocket science to add bullet points in notability iPad. Rather it is a cakewalk when done multiple times over a certain time Period. You just need to follow the five easy steps mentioned below, in order to add bullet points in Notability iPad.

10 seconds

  1. Create New Note

    As shown in the image, launch the Notability application and click on the create new note button located at the bottom, right corner of the screen. If you intend to create bullet points in the previously created notes, you can do that too. Just skip this step and go to the next step.

  2. Tap on the T button

    The default tool is usually set to the pencil, therefore, you may need to shift it to the text tool. It is represented by the T letter.

  3. Tap on the button at the Lower Right Corner of the screen

    Why is my keyboard not popping up on my iPad

    After switching to the text tool, you will see a bar with multiple options displayed right above the keyboard. From that bar, you need to select the option that is displayed on the right extreme of the screen. Refer to the above image for a better understanding.

  4. Select the Bulleted option

    After tapping, the above, mentioned button a list will be shown. From that list, you can select the Bulleted option. The bullet points in Notability iPad will appear on the screen.

  5. Press Enter on the keyboard to add more bullet points

    To add more bullet points to your note, simply press the enter key on your keyboard.

If you want to cancel the bullet points or end the list then you can simply double-tap the enter button on your keyboard. This would automatically terminate the bullet points in the notability iPad.

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How to select numbered list on Notability iPad?

Bullet Points in Notability iPad
Bullet Points in Notability iPad

If you want to have numbers for your points, you can select the Numbered option from the list. Moreover, you can select the Checklist options from the list in order to enable the checklist in your notes.

So this was the end of a detailed article- How to add Bullet Points in Notability iPad? 5 Easy Steps! I hope you enjoyed it and the article was helpful to you in every possible way. If so, kindly read our other similar articles too…

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