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How do I turn on Voice Typing on iPad? 3 Easy Steps!

How do I turn on voice typing on iPad

(How do I turn on voice typing on iPad?)

Right from the invention of the computer, people are using keyboards and it has been their primary source for typing any text. But there has been a great progression in the typing era, people have now shifted from manual keyboard-based typing to voice typing. In this article, we will see the answer to How do I turn on Voice Typing on iPad?

The same methods can be applied to the iPads and iPhones running on iPadOS 15, iPadOS 14, iPadOS 13, or iOS 15 through iOS 9. Below is a pictorial guide on- How do I turn on voice typing on iPad?

How do I turn on Voice Typing on iPad?

iPad or iOS in general have comparatively better voice typing AI than Android or others. Apple is a company that focuses more on making its products convenient and at the same time more efficient. This can be totally proved if we were to compare apple’s own voice typing with other companies.

The difference is especially seen in the tiny things that make up the whole voice typing software. For example, while typing with your voice the words spoken will automatically get arranged based on the exact grammar. Additionally, after you finish speaking up the whole sentence the words get rearranged according to their proper way of speaking.

Moreover, the misspoke words are often left unchanged in most android devices. And that can get annoying. But this is not the case in iOS devices. Rather, the AI on iOS is intelligent enough to predict the appropriate word suited instead of the wrong spoken word. After a couple of days of usage, you will notice it yourself.

Steps to enable or disable Voice typing on iPad-

How do I turn on Voice Typing on iPad?
How do I turn on Voice Typing on iPad?
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click General.
  • Navigate to Keyboard.
  • Scroll down and Turn on Enable Dictation.
How do I turn on Voice Typing on iPad?
How do I turn on Voice Typing on iPad?

How to Use Voice Dictation on the iPhone and iPad?

In the above paragraph, we saw how to enable or disable voice dictation on your iPad. Now we will be briefing the proper way to use voice dictation on your iPad or iPhone.

How to Use Voice Dictation on the iPhone and iPad?
How to Use Voice Dictation on the iPhone and iPad?

Steps on How to Use Voice Dictation on the iPad-

  • Once the voice dictation is enabled, open any app which will lead to a pop-up of the onscreen keyboard. (For example, you can open the Notes app or just open Safari and click on the search bar.)
  • On the on-screen, keyboard click on the mic button.
  • Now just keep on speaking, and it will automatically get noted down.
  • To Switch off the voice typing click on the mic button again or simply click elsewhere, except for the keyboard.

Note that there is a minor lag between the clicking of the like button, and you speak it out. Although The lag is of a couple of milliseconds, it can make the starting words vanish. You can avoid that simply by waiting for a few seconds, and then start speaking. A small mic icon with a cross button will appear on the screen, which is your trigger to start the voice typing.

Voice Dictation Keywords for iOS

There are a couple of voice dictation keywords that can come in handy while voice typing on your iPad or iPhone. These are the keywords that can help you with adding punctuation to your text.

Below is the list of a few voice dictation keywords for your iOS device-

  • Period: The “.” is the standard way to end a sentence.
  • Quote and Unquote: Puts quotation marks around words or phrases.
  • Question Mark: The “?” punctuation mark.
  • Comma: The “,” punctuation mark.
  • Exclamation Point: The “!” punctuation mark.
  • At Sign: The “@” symbol found in email addresses
  • Asterisk: The “*” symbol.
  • Colon: The “:” punctuation mark.
  • Semi-Colon: The “;” punctuation mark
  • Ellipsis: The “…” punctuation mark
  • New Paragraph: Starts a new paragraph. End the previous sentence before beginning the new paragraph.
  • Slash: The “/” symbol.
  • Ampersand: The “&” symbol, which means “and.”

Following is the list of a few formatting commands to make voice typing easier and hands-free!

  • Quote/end quote: begin and end a quote
  • New paragraph: start a new paragraph
  • New line: begin a new line
  • Cap: capitalize the next word
  • Caps on/caps off: capitalize the first character of each word
  • Smiley: insert 🙂
  • Frowny: insert 🙁
  • Winky: insert 😉
  • Refer to for more info.

So, this was the end of the detailed article- How do I turn on voice typing on iPad? 3 Easy Steps! I hope you enjoyed reading through it. If so, kindly read our other articles too.

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