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Shocking Fact! You have a Hidden Calculator on your iPad!

Shocking Fact- You have a Hidden Calculator on your iPad! That is way too efficient!

When it comes to solving a math problem or doing a simple calculation on your iPad, we couldn’t find a Calculator. This happens because there isn’t any calculator application on your iPad. This is because Steve Jobs thought that a calculator on an iPad would make no difference as such. But there are still many options to calculate smaller problems to even larger equations. This is possible because of the hidden calculator on your iPad.

So where is it and how does it work? This must be the question that you might be wondering! This and many such questions will be answered in the upcoming article.

Apple thinks that keeping a calculator app won’t be of good use to the customers. Definitely, this is not the situation. Rather every one out of 10 iPad Users tends to use the Calculator at least once in a week. In such situations, people use their smartphones to calculate instead of pondering around on iPad.

After reading this article, you will be able to calculate any sort of maths problems or even equations on your iPad itself. This is possible because there are certain methods by which you can effortlessly calculate any questions. So where is the hidden calculator on your iPad? Let’s find out!

3 Ways to Access Hidden Calculator on your iPad

Out of three ways to access the hidden calculator on your iPad, the last one is the bonus method. Whereas the first two methods involve the use of Siri and the spotlight search. Without wasting any time let us see the first way to access the hidden calculator on your iPad.

1. Spotlight Search

There is a scientific calculator hidden in your spotlight Search on your iPad. It is capable of solving any sort of high-difficulty problems. Below are the steps to calculate using the spotlight search on iOS.

Hidden Calculator on your iPad


  • Swipe down from the top to bottom on the home screen or even on the lock screen. The search box will appear.
  • For an external keyboard on your iPad, you can use the Command–Space bar shortcut from any screen.
  • Type in any problem with accurate functions to quickly get an answer.

The only drawback of this method is that you have to type in the whole problem of the question in order to get the right answer. But it can easily solve smaller equations or basic mathematical questions. You can refer to for detailed insight.

2. Via Siri

Hidden Calculator on your iPad

Instead of typing the whole question, what if we could just get it done by speaking it out? But who would do that for us? Yes! You guessed it right, Siri can quickly answer your toughest math problem within seconds. But the only catch here is that you have to speak the question appropriately without any errors. Moreover, Siri can sometimes overhear the surrounding noises and that may interfere with the results.

After all, anyone would definitely prefer Siri over other methods. Therefore, we have mentioned the easy steps to use the hidden calculator on iPad.

  • Unlock your device.
  • Launch Siri. (By whichever method that you have set for launching, such as pressing the home button or saying, Hey Siri)
  • Say, what is 39 multiplied by a 6 or whatever the concerned question is!

Enable the captions in the setting menu for better understanding and subsequent results.

3. Via Google

This method to calculate comes under the bonus category Since it is not directly related to iOS or iPads.

Hidden Calculator on your iPad
Hidden Calculator on your iPad


  • Launch Google.
  • Type in the math problems or the calculation.
  • Or simply enable voice typing and speak the question.
  • Press Search to get the answer.

These were the methods to access the hidden calculator on your iPad! I hope the article was helpful to you, if so kindly read our other articles too.

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